Our Story & The Goats



Super naughty!!

Pumpkin is always getting her head stuck in the fence (she seems to think the grass is greener on other side!)

Pumpkin produces about 5 pints of milk a day when she is not being cheeky!

She can't resist running up behind us and head butting us! 

Ellie produces lots of goats milk


The milk heavyweight

Ellie produces half of our daily twenty pints!

She produces so much milk we have to milk her twice a day.

She is very chilled and laid back and is a great mum.





Everyone's friend

Tilly is very laid back and friendly.

She produces about 5 pints of milk a day

She was born here at Cyril's Soap Shed, and is Florence's daughter.

Florence the goat is now retired


The Boss! 

Florence came to us in June 2008, at the age of 13mths. 

Florence is a British Alpine cross and she is Tilly's Mum 

Now retired from milking she keeps everyone in check, but also looks after everyone.

If there is something to knock over (usually a full wheelbarrow!) she will.