Our Story & The Goats

Cyril’s Soap Shed came about pretty much by accident!

We were already on the road to self-sufficiency with our chickens and vegetable gardens on our Hampshire smallholding, and we thought about getting a goat for milk. We found Penny and Florence and unbeknown to us then, in 2008 Cyril's Soap Shed was born!

The following year they kidded and started producing LOTS of milk, despite us not taking the kids away from mum, they were still providing us with over 8 pints a day! We learnt how to make cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and butter, and still had lots of milk left over! We needed to find something else to make...

Catherine cyrils soap shed

So, we set about learning how to make Goats Milk soap...

Gardeners Goats Milk Soap Handmade by Cyril's Soap Shed

We quickly learnt that we wanted to do it 'properly' and from scratch and that the Cold Process method, although more time-consuming, would produce the best soaps. After we had perfected the recipe and method we gave some to friends and family who were so impressed they thought we should sell it.

Cyrils Shed

We also needed a name for the company. That's where Cyril comes into it! Cyril was Catherine's Grandad, who had a shed at the bottom of the field. The shed was the hub of the local community for all the old folk! Many a day they would be sat in the shed putting the world to rights (normally while drinking his homemade scrumpy!) When Grandad moved on to the great shed in the sky, his shed down here became a bit worse for wear. When the time came for us to have our own home, we decided to resurrect the old shed. So we built our log cabin home on the same spot.

Things have moved on since the first days of 'Cyril's Soap Shed'!

We started off selling our goats milk soaps at farmers markets around Hampshire and the New Forest. We now do major shows around the UK, and have a fast growing internet order business and wholesale.
We also supply an ever growing range of farm shops, gift shops, health food shops, village shops and Garden centres. Our Goats Milk Soaps can be found all over the UK. and we are always keen to supply new stockists.

Our range of Guest soaps are becoming increasingly popular too with wonderful and varied B&B's, Guesthouses and Hotels. We add a touch of luxury, yet with a quirky, rustic appeal.

Making goats milk soap by hand




Super naughty!


Pumpkin is always getting her head stuck in the fence (she seems to think the grass is greener on other side!)

Pumpkin produces about 5 pints of milk a day when she is not being cheeky!

She can't resist running up behind us and head butting us! 

Ellie produces lots of goats milk


The milk heavyweight


Ellie produces half of our daily twenty pints!

She produces so much milk we have to milk her twice a day.

She is very chilled and laid back and is a great mum.



Everyone's friend


Tilly is very laid back and friendly.

She produces about 5 pints of milk a day

She was born here at Cyril's Soap Shed.



The nosey parker!


Olive came to us on Easter Monday 2021, after she was proving too destructive in her old home! She is a 2 year old Pygmy x Saneen. Full of character who loves being around people. Always keen to help with yard duties, and very nosey! She is very special being a 'Maiden Milker'... meaning she is producing milk without having kids. She is first to jump up on the milking stand in the mornings and loves the attention. 



The People Pleaser!


Luna was born here at Cyril's Soap Shed in June 2016. Daughter to Ellie and twin to Ron. She is Toggenburg cross nubien. She loves people and is a very calm and quiet goat. 



The Fast Mover


Luna's twin and one of our pet boys. Ron was born with a slight deformity in his leg, meaning he has one leg slightly longer than the other! It doesn't seem to bother him though and can move faster than any of the others! 



Mr Handsome!


Our other pet boy and son to Pumpkin. Handsome Thomas is twice the size of any of the goats, and has naughty Pumpkin's characteristics! Super intelligent, and gets bored quickly unless he has something to do. He can be a gentle giant too, and will stand for hours having between his horns scratched. When he's not chasing the broom sweeping the yard... 


It's all about the kids

We let our goats raise the kids naturally. At 3 weeks the babies are put in the 'nursery' overnight but returned to their mum's first thing in the morning after milking. We only milk once a day, so the babies have plenty!


We do not take the kids away from mum. We let our goats raise the kids themselves, and when they self-wean at around 6mths old we then look for forever homes for them.

goat verges
goats milk soap

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